Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). What local hardware stores sell the E-Z Lift Handle?



  • Acton ACE Hardware, 210 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720, (p) 978-263-7754
  • R.W. Shattuck & Co. Inc, 24 Mill Street, Arlington, MA 02476 (p) 781-643-0114
  • Shattuck ACE Hardware, 327 Woburn Street, Lexington, MA 02420 (p) 781-863-0100
  • Swartz ACE Hardware, 353 Watertown Street, Newton, MA 02458, (p) 617-244-4580
  • Tags Hardware, 29 White Street, Cambridge, MA 02140, (p) 617-868-7711
  • Westford ACE Hardware, 527 Groton Road, Westford, MA 01886, (p) 978-692-0774
  • More underway and coming soon!

2). How do you assemble the E-Z Lift Handle?



Step 1: Position the Flange (4) around the cylindrical shaft of your tool, at a position on your tool about midway down. Note: the bent tubing of the E-Z Lift Handle should be pointing towards the head of your tool.

Step 2: Open the Flange (4) and insert the rubber spacer (7) along the inside top of the Flange.

Step 3: Insert a Carriage Bolt (5) into the top bolt hole of the flange and secure it with a nut (6). Easiest way is to tighten it with a power drill with a 1/4 in bit. Can also just use a wrench to tighten the bolt. Repeat for the 2nd Carriage bolt.

Step 4: Insert the Plastic Plug (2), or, the White LED light (3), if purchased separately, into the end of the E-Z Lift Handle tubing.

Step 5: Hold your tool handle near the top with your dominant hand and hold the E-Z Lift Handle with your other hand.  Operate the tool to determine if the location of the E-Z Lift Handle should be adjusted (moved further up or down on the tool shaft), to optimize the comfort for operating the tool.  Adjust and re-tighten as necessary.

3). Where can I purchase the E-Z Lift Handle online?



Currently, at this website by clicking the Buy Now button below ... it takes you to  our new online store which offers additional products that complement the E-Z Lift Handle.