Testimonial for Safer Home Hardware Tool Use


July 30, 2017: Brian Looney DPT, DC, CSCS

"My name is Brian Looney and I have worked in a private practice as a chiropractor and physical therapist for the last 17 years.  I frequently see lower back injuries that are the result of excessive stress secondary to yardwork and snow shoveling.  I have personally used the E-Z Lift Handle and recommend it to all my patient's.  The E-Z Lift Handle is easy to install and dramatically reduces the load on your spine allowing  you to utilize your hips.  I highly endorse this product!"

Our Response

Thanks Brian, we appreciate you professional review and feedback on the E-Z Lift Handle. We strive to provide the highest quality, ergonomic and safest handle for home hardware tools and their use. Your patients will appreciate the impact it will have on reducing their back problems and improving their overall health.

Commercial Use Testimonial


August 15, 2017: Tim O'Brien Owner-Watchman Waterproofing

"We make a living by shoveling very heavy material, in awkward locations, all day long. E-Z Lift Handles make the task much safer and easier."

Our Response

Thanks Tim, after we researched the market for strong, durable & ergonomic solutions for commercial use, we could not find any that were adequate. We found a few for home hardware tool operation but they were also deficient for handling heavy material and operation.  Glad to know that with our E-Z Lift Handle we've been able to help your employees with a safer and easier tool use solution.

Local Retail Store Endorsement


August 24, 2017: Leigh Zancewicz, ACE Sales Representative

"It will be started with our four hardware stores, right off the bat!  First one ... first one to endorse the E-Z Lift Handle!"

Our Response

Yes, thanks Leigh ... we appreciate your support and are pleased to launch our E-Z Lift Handle product with the highest quality hardware stores, like your ACE Hardware stores. The E-Z Lift Handle is a great complement to your home hardware tools.