Why Use It? ... Home Hardware Tools need Safer Design

E-Z Lift Handle ergonomic design

Ergonomic Design

The E-Z Lift Handle was conceived and designed for easier lifting, pushing and pulling with its ergonomically focused design. E-Z Lift Handles reduces pain by reducing the bending required for your knees and to arch your back very slightly when operating a shovel blade or other tool on the ground.  The E-Z Lift Handle enables you to lift with your hips and shoulders minimizing the strain and damage usually affecting your knees and back.

The E-Z Lift Handle can be attached to your hardware tools at a location along the tool shaft that can be adjusted for your height and comfort.  Whether you have a small, tall or average stature, the E-Z Lift Handle can be positioned and adjusted for your height.

Safer operation of home hardware and commercial tools improves personal safety, reduces health care related costs and can overall improve the quality of your and your employees life.



Strongest, most durable handle in the market!

Unlike other solutions that are made of plastic or aluminum, the E-Z Lift Handle is made of heavy duty metal to make it suitable for all homeowners as well as commercial companies.

The E-Z Lift Handle's design can withstand hundreds of pounds of weight, while enabling you to shift the weight to your arms and shoulders and not your back, when operating the tool.

Don't be fooled by the multi-bend tool handles, or other lower quality solutions that are cumbersome to hold and use and do not provide durable use.

The E-Z Lift Handle turns all your hardware tools into the strongest, hardened and most durable tools to have in your skilled hands.



Can be used with every tool you own!

E-Z Lift Handle was designed with versatility in mind. The E-Z Lift Handle can be easily removed from one of your tools and can be installed on another of your tools in seconds. 

The E-Z Lift Handle can be used year round on snow shovels, spades, rakes, brooms, or any other of your long-handled tools.

You can purchase and use one handle that can be moved between all your tools, or better yet, you can buy one for each tool so they are all ready to go to improve safer use of all your home hardware tools.